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About Us

Why choose Kayak The Gorge?

We’re a new Kayak rental and tour business in Cascade Locks. Our mission is to get 20k Oregonians onto the Columbia and we’re offering $1 Kayak rentals to make it happen. What used to be blackberry brambles is now a beautiful .5 acre of Columbia River waterfront near the mouth of Herman Creek. 

The protected cove offers a 1.5 mile paddling loop with wind protection, crystal clear water, and plentiful fish and wildlife.

The Hueker family you’ve probably heard of, the Marean’s haven’t been here nearly as long. Taylor grew up in Hood River but left for the UW where he met Kayla They returned to White Salmon in the pandemic and started an ebike rental business after covid killed the apparel business he’d been running. The e-bikes led to the Waterfall Shuttle and now they’re the proud owners of, and